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No brand is more closely connected to the world of aviation than Breitling. Not only does the brand take inspiration from the fascinating world of flight, it also plays an active supporting role in various aviation initiatives. This collaboration is a long-standing tradition: As a manufacturer of precision instruments, Breitling has produced on-board instruments for airplanes since the 1930s!


Today, Breitling watches are instantly recognizable thanks to their dynamic design and their famous wings logo. Breitling is known for its powerful and highly precise chronographs, a useful tool to help pilots determine and calculate speed and distance, particularly if the watch also has a bezel. One of the most popular models is the Navitimer, a watch with a lot of useful information on the display. Many Navitimers also feature a milled bezel.


The Breitling collection includes both mechanical and quartz watches for men and women. Above all else, Breitling watches are considered tools for professionals. The brand takes this reputation very seriously, as demonstrated by its Emergency II, a unique watch that sends a location signal via satellite to warn the nearest rescue teams in the event of an emergency. This is an ideal feature for stranded pilots. Breitling: the official supplier to the world of aviation.

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