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TAG Heuer

The singularity of Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer can be summed up in two words: innovation and speed. Speed refers to the brand’s commitment, driven by its passion for race cars, to measure speed as accurately as possible. Innovation refers to its ability to stray from the beaten path in search of new techniques to achieve that goal.


Spearheaded by Jack Heuer, the brand has committed itself to perfecting the chronograph. With his passion for car races, Jack Heuer has supported race teams and legendary endurance races for years. The most famous watch in the collection, the Carrera, was named after a particularly gruelling race in Mexico: the Carrera Panamericana.


TAG Heuer has set a new standard with its chronographs, having developed mechanical watches capable of measuring 1/1000th to 1/10,000th of a second. In terms of design, TAG Heuer is a true all-rounder. Clients can choose from modern, contemporary, or classic models for both men and women.

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